Seeking Electrical Repairs

3 Electrical Emergencies That Require Immediate Assistance

Electricity is a wonderful tool that powers lights, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other necessities of modern life. Most people rely on electricity every day. However, electricity can be dangerous, especially if it is not managed properly. Electrical systems can fail over time, requiring repairs. Often, this happens due to simple wear and tear or faulty installation. When an electrical emergency occurs, it must be dealt with promptly to prevent fires, electrocution, and other potential catastrophes. These are three electrical emergencies you may experience, and they mean that you require the immediate assistance of an emergency electrician:

1. Your electrical outlets are generating heat.

Electrical outlets allow people to access the electricity running through their homes to power personal devices, electronics, and small appliances. Electrical outlets should under no circumstances heat up during operation. If heat is generated, it is likely because of improper wiring.

When electrical outlets are not grounded, electrical devices can draw excess current from your wiring. Without proper ground, this excess current has nowhere to go and therefore generates heat. Faulty wiring can lead to melted outlets, smoke, and even fires. If your outlets feel hot, you should call an emergency electrician right away so they can bring your electrical system up to code and ensure your safety.

2. You experience an electrical fire.

Electrical fires are serious. If you experience an electrical fire in your home, you should not attempt to put it out yourself. Firefighters have the necessary tools to douse electrical fires in order to minimize property damage and injury. Once your electrical fire has been safely put out, you should call an emergency electrician right away. An emergency electrician can inspect your electrical system to determine why an electrical fire occurred. For instance, your electrical wiring may be faulty or insufficiently grounded. Once an electrician establishes the source of the problem, they can set about correcting it so you will not experience future fires.

3. Flooding affects your electrical system.

Flooding can occur naturally or due to man-made errors. A broken pipe or overflowing bathtub can cause water to pool in your house. When floodwaters enter your home, your electrical system may be affected. Water conducts electricity, so you must not wade through standing water that you believe may be electrified. Instead, you should call an emergency electrician to safely disconnect the power to that area. After the flood damage has been remediated, an emergency electrician can set about restoring power to your home.