Seeking Electrical Repairs

4 Signs You Need to Hire Commercial Electric Services

Whatever the nature of your business, you need ample lighting and reliable electrical equipment. A power outage can easily lead to losses, adversely affecting your bottom line. In addition, inadequate lighting at your business premises produces an unfavorable and dull working environment, which can also impair your workers' visibility, leading to work-related injuries. 

It is important to hire a commercial electric service provider to install or retrofit your lighting system, undertake maintenance services, and carry out repairs on your electrical and lighting system. But how do you know when to call them? Here are the signs to look out for.

1. Frequent Circuit Breaker Panel Tripping

Tripping is usually a sign of an overload within your electrical system, and it's something that can happen once in a while. However, if you have noticed excessive tripping lately, it is a sign that your lighting and electrical system's operating capacity is being grossly exceeded. For that reason, it's important to have a competent commercial electric service to upgrade your circuit breaker. 

2. Flickering or Buzzing Lights 

No one likes working in an office where the lights are flickering. Whenever this happens, changing the bulb is usually the first thing most people think about. However, persistent flickering or buzzing after installing the new lighting fixture indicates a severe electrical problem. 

Consider hiring a commercial electrician to carry out electrical testing, identify the problem, and fix it. This can help keep health issues such as migraines at bay; flickering lights are infamous for triggering eye strains and headaches. 

3. Burnt Soot Around Electrical Outlets

If you notice any sooty markings around an electrical outlet, this points to burnt electrical wiring underneath. Immediate repair is necessary to prevent fires within your business premises.

4. Heat or Spark Emission at Electrical and Lighting Terminals

Excessive heat from an electrical or lighting terminal is a clear indication that your system is struggling to meet your electrical needs. In addition, if your sockets or light switches tend to produce sparks when turning them on, this points to underlying faulty wiring. These problems require immediate attention from a commercial electric service provider.

In conclusion, faulty electrical and lighting equipment are a major contributor to electrical fires and could lead to the destruction of property and even loss of lives. If you are experiencing some or all of the above signs, get in touch with commercial electric services today and get expert advice on how to get the problem fixed.