Seeking Electrical Repairs

3 Signs You Need To Hire An Electrician For Lighting Repair Services

A lighting system is quite important, but most homeowners rarely give it attention until it develops a problem. It is advisable to inspect your lighting fixtures and wiring regularly to notice problems and hire an electrician to fix them. However, some people ignore the warning signs, while some don't know what to look out for. The following are three signs you need lighting repair services from an electrician.

1. Flickering

Flickering of bulbs is an apparent sign that you need lighting repair services. Loose electrical connections usually cause this problem by creating resistance and overheating wires and other connections.

If you always experience flickering lights when you turn on a large appliance, it can be due to voltage changes, which means your home's amperage is lower than you need. Luckily, experts can employ suitable solutions to increase your voltage.

Light flickering can lead to electrical fires, so you should call a lighting system repair professional right away. However, you might need to confirm if your bulb is well-secured because loose bulbs can also cause flickering. Ensure your lights are off and the bulb is cool before examining and tightening it. If this doesn't help, you should call an expert to identify the source of the problem.

2. Dimming Lights

You need to call an electrician if your bulb appears dim. This may be due to overloaded circuits, particularly if the problem only happens when using larger appliances. Besides, it can be caused by loose, frayed, or corroded wires. If your wiring was improperly installed, you might also experience dimming lights over time.

You should get lighting repair services when your lights start to dim because some triggers, such as faulty neutral wire, can lead to an electrical fire. However, note that your bulbs may also dim when they get old, which you can solve by replacing them. If this doesn't help, you should call an expert for inspection and repairs.

3. Frequent Burn Outs

If your bulbs keep burning out prematurely, there is an underlying issue you need to solve. This includes loose wiring, extremely high voltage, loose or overly tight bulbs, or excessive vibrations from ceiling fans or garage doors. Frequent burnouts can also occur if you are installing the wrong light bulbs for your fixture. A professional can inspect your lighting system to discover the source of the problem and offer the right solution.

You should get lighting repair services when you experience any of these warning signs. It is crucial to work with an experienced electrician who is insured and licensed.