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Factors That Determine the Type of Whole House Music System to Deploy

Deploying a whole-house music system is not a cheap venture. Therefore, you don't want to install one just to realize that the system you have just deployed is not the right one for you. That is why you need to evaluate the various options available before commissioning such a project. Here are some of the factors to consider and help you evaluate the right system:

The Number of Sources

The music sources are the devices that will be playing the music you want to stream through the whole house. Typical sources include portable music players (think iPod and the likes), Smartphones, computers, Hi-Fi systems, and televisions, among others.

The number of sources is important because it determines how many people will be able to use the system simultaneously without any hiccups. Ideally, you want a system where everyone can listen to their own music from their own bedrooms without interfering with others in the living room.

The Number of Receivers

The number of receivers determines the power of the system you need to deploy. For example, if you want to be able to listen to music in all the three bedrooms plus the living room, kitchen and basement, you need a system that can support at least six receivers because you will be deploying at least that number of speakers.

The Format for Receivers and Sources

There are two main categories of streaming music to different rooms; you can either go wireless or use wires. If you decide to go wireless, you still have to consider Wi-Fi, infrared, Wi-Fi Direct, and Bluetooth, among other streaming formats. Consider the pros and cons of these options and choose the one suitable for your situation. Ideally, however, you need a system that can support all or as many of these formats as possible.

The Existing Infrastructure

Lastly, you also need to consider the infrastructures you already have in the house to avoid duplicating systems. For example, if you have an existing computer network, it may be possible to harness it and use it for streaming audio from your computer to speakers in different rooms. If you have a strong Wi-Fi system that you use for internet access, you can still use it for audio streaming.

Installing a whole-house music system, especially from scratch, isn't easy. This is one of those things you should leave for professional electricians with the skills and electrician to handle it.