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4 Simple Ways To Manage Your Home Electricity Usage

Are your monthly electricity bills a little higher than you'd like to see them? Or perhaps you're just looking for ways to cut down on your energy usage and lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Either way, there are plenty of ways to go about better managing your home electricity usage without spending a lot of money up-front or making any major lifestyle changes!

Invest in Smart Switches and Plugs

Smart home technology has become more affordable than ever, thanks to heavy competition between brands. If you don't already have smart plugs and switches set up in your home, now is a great time to invest in a few of these. These smart devices can be set up to automatically turn on and shut off lights (or other electronics) using your smartphone or even based on a daily schedule. Some even allow you to set up geo-fences so that a switch or plug is automatically activated or turned off when you enter or leave the home.

If you need help installing smart switches in your home, an electrician can help!

Make the Switch to LED Lighting

If any of the lights in your home still have incandescent or CFL bulbs, now is the time to swap them out for LEDs. LED lighting is much more energy efficient, and the bulbs last much longer, so you'll be able to go years without replacing another bulb! Plus, LED lighting prices have really come down over the last few years, making now a great time to switch.

Unplug Electronics When Not in Use

Did you know that your electronics still use up energy when they're plugged in--even if they're powered off? This applies to everything from televisions to phone charges and everything in between, so make it a habit to unplug devices when you're not using them. Even  plug devices into a power strip that you can easily turn off and on!

Schedule a Home Energy Audit

Many electric companies offer home energy audits that will provide you with information on your energy usage, as well as personalized tips for reducing consumption. Consider scheduling one with a trusted local company if you haven't done so already; you may be surprised by the insights you receive.

Using less electricity is a great way to "go green," and of course, you'll enjoy the added benefit of saving on your monthly electricity bills in the process. Contact a company, like Craftsman Electric Inc, for more help.