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Electrical Contractor License Renewal & Extension: Common FAQs from License Holders

Having your own electrical contractor business can definitely be a rewarding career. However, holding an electrical contractor license can also mean that you do have to have your license renewed on occasion. If you forget to renew your license according to the guidelines set forth by the state where you live, it can lead to all kinds of hassles and headaches for your business or company. Plus, allowing your license to stay expired for the long term can make it difficult to obtain again them going forward.

Here is a look at some of the most common questions about electrical contractor license extensions and the answers you should know. 

Can you renew or extend your renewal online?

In some states, you can go through the entire electrical contractor license renewal or extension process online. However, this is not set up in every location. Therefore, you will have to check with your local department of labor or department of industry for specific advice. If you are allowed to renew your license online, you may still have to provide documents via fax, mail, or physical drop off to get your license approved. When you do the renewal online, you will be granted the opportunity to change any pertinent information as you go, such as the name of your business or your address. 

Does your business have to be active to get your license renewed?

It is crucial that you ensure your business is still listed as active in the system before trying to renew your electrical contractor license with the local department of labor. If your business license has expired or is no longer registered for whatever reason, it can prevent you from completing your renewal process. keep in mind when applying for a renewal or extension, your business name must be listed exactly as it is listed with the state or you could also have problems. 

What are some of the reasons an extension request for an electrical contractor license will be denied?

There are a handful of common reasons why your application may be denied when you apply for an extension if your license is about to expire. Primarily, however, basic mistakes get in the way of the application being filed and approved. For example, if you misspell your business name or list a variant address than what the state has on file, your application for an extension could be rejected.