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3 Ways To Make The Lighting In Your Home Better

Having adequate lights in your home can really make the difference between a home that feels like a cave, a home that feels like a department store, and a home that feels cozy and welcoming. When you reconsider the lights in your home, make sure that you think about layers, install dimmer switches, and think carefully about the size of your light fixtures.

Think in Layers

The first thing you need to do is think in layers. You don't want one type of light over your entire home. Using multiple types of lights will help fill all of your home with the right type of light.

To start with, you want to use recessed lights in rooms with high ceilings. Recessed lights add overall light to the room and can help set the feeling of the room. From there, you want to use overhead lights that hang down, such as chandlers and other hang-down light features.

Consider if you want to add wall lights to each room in your house. Wall lights can work really well in hallways, bathrooms and living spaces.

Finally, consider task lights that are designed to highlight certain spaces where you work, such as specific built-in lights for your home-office or your make-up areas.

Don't discount table lights and floor lights. They should be a part of your overall lighting plan as well.

Use Lots of Dimmer Switches

Next, when you install new light switches, make sure that you consider dimmer switches. Dimmer switches can really change the way that you can use lights in your home. Dimmer switches can allow you to control the lighting level to a greater degree, so you will have more control over how bright or chill each room in your house feels and will be able to adjust the lights to fit the situation. You can contact your local electrical services for more information on installing dimmer switches.

Be Careful About Fixture Size

Finally, make sure that you are careful with the size of overhead fixtures. You don't want a fixture to be so low that you run into it, or have one that doesn't dispense light correctly. Your electrician should be able to help you determine the right size for your fixtures and how far to hang them down in order to get the right light in your home.

Make your home feel cozy and warm by updating your lighting plan. Add layers of different types of lights to each room in your home, don't be afraid of installing dimmer switches to gain greater control over your lights, and make sure the fixture size really fits the room where you are placing it.