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Prepare For A Weather-Related Emergency

Being prepared for emergency situations will allow you and your family members to remain comfortable in your home until a situation turns back to normal. A weather-related emergency can result in power outages and no viable way to get to a store to purchase food, bottled water, or emergency supplies. Use the suggestions that follow to help you prepare for an unforeseen event.

Purchase A Generator

A generator is typically gas operated and will provide you with much needed power so that groceries in your refrigerator are not at risk of spoiling and so that you can operate your electric heating unit so that you and your family are not subjected to cold temperatures during a power outage. If you have never used a generator before, it is a good idea to seek advice from an electrician or salesperson before making a purchase.

Purchase gas and keep it in a gas can that is located in a ventilated area so that you can readily use your generator if desired. Avoid using your generator to acquire power for frivoulous reasons. For example, if you have a lot of rooms in your home, then it wouldn't be wise to use the generator to light all of them if you and your family can comfortably remain in the central part of the house. Overusing the generator will only cause gas to dissipate quickly. 

Purchase Canned And Bottled Items

You may not think that you will be faced with a situation that will prevent you from leaving your home and traveling to a store, but anything can happen when you least expect it. When you have extra money on hand, purchase canned foods and bottled water. Make sure that you have a hand can opener available for your use so that you can open food products whenever you would like. Store the rations in a pantry or on a shelf and avoid using them for anything other than an emergency. Make sure that you have enough food and water on hand to last for several days.

Fill Prescriptions And Prepare A First Aid Kit

If you or any of your family members take prescribed medication, keep prescriptions filled so that nobody runs out of vital medicine. Prepare a first aid kit by filling a small container with gauze, bandages, topical ointment, and scissors. Place the medication and first aid kit in a cabinet or on a shelf and tell all of your family members where it is located so that they can gain access to supplies if need. 

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