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Are You Making Sure You're Ready For An Emergency?

Have you ever lived through something like a flood or a tornado? Or, have you ever been so low on money that you weren't sure how you were going to buy groceries to feed your family? If not, you have probably watched pretty disturbing things on the news that show you scenes that make you want to be ready for any kind of an emergency that might arise. From having an adequate food and water supply to buying a generator, here are some ideas that might help you to have peace of mind.

Start With A List - Are you married with a family? If so, it might be an excellent idea to sit down for a family council. Explain to your family that, while you hope that you never have to face a disaster, you want to be ready for one. Of course, you want to make sure not to be an alarmist, or you'll scare everybody. However, help them to know that this subject is serious and that they can do a lot to help.

Together with the other family members, make a list of things you use every day. It's obvious that you will need food and water to last a specific amount of time, maybe seventy-two hours, However, there are other things that might not be remembered. Does anybody in your family depend on medications? What about feminine hygiene supplies? Do you have pets who will also need to be fed? And, don't forget to include things like games and batteries on the list of things you want to keep handy.

Make Sure Everything Works - Obviously, having flashlights isn't going to do you and your family a lot of good if you don't have a supply of batteries. Another consideration for you is to buy a generator. You might have already priced them and have found out that this is a major purchase. Consider buying a used one if the brand new ones are too expensive for you. Once you have the generator, be sure that you maintain it. Your generator probably came with an instruction book. If so, familiarize yourself with it and get other family members to know how to use and maintain it. 

Don't forget that you might have to evacuate the area. Think about keeping essentials in the car. For example, keep bottled water and granola bars in the car, and make sure each of you has a back-pack ready with essentials in it.